We are a Microsoft Certified Partner, which means that we can offer the full range of Microsoft solutions with the back-up and support of one of the largest companies in the world.

We are also a Premier Business Partner (PBP) HP solutions, which means we have the specialist knowledge and support to tailor a HP solution to your requirements.

We are accredited trainers and installers for accounting, payroll and contact management software, which means that we know how to make the software we sell work for you. We give on-going training and support on a number of specialised software solutions.

We specialise in:
  • Business systems
  • Accounting solutions
  • Technical support
  • Education systems
  • Access (Basics /intermediate/advanced)
  • Home systems

Information Technology Consulting

Our business consultants and technicians can conduct a requirements analysis, feasibility study and budget costing, and report on the recommended solution for your needs.

Business Consulting

Our business consultants are continually being asked to provide advice that goes beyond information technology. Often we get involved in the enhancement of business systems and procedures, and can also provide project management and accounting services.

Accounting solutions

These include payroll, cashbook, general ledger, debtors, creditors, stock control, asset management, and job costing systems. We provide advice on the best solution that suits your needs. We then supply, install, and train on the most effective use of the solution. As part of the installation we also convert existing data into the new system and help you to develop and implement efficient business processes to fully integrate the system into your business - a total solution approach!

Supply and Installation of technology solutions

Once the decision has been made on the best hardware and software solution for you, we can then supply and implement the solution. Systems include Windows NT, Windows 2000, and peer to peer networks, servers, back-up devices and routines, Internet and e-mail configuration, and e-commerce solutions.

On site support

We also provide ongoing maintenance and support for your systems - acting as your own IT system administrator. Customers can also get phone support from us, or we can set up a dial-in service where we diagnose and fix system faults remotely via a modem.

Service contracts and after hours support

We are able to offer service contracts that guarantee regular proactive maintenance checks and service work. We also offer after hours support for selected customers who need to know that a technician is available in the event of a system problem after normal business hours.


We service computers, monitors, printers, and other devices. We are service agents for Compaq and Ultra computers, and act as agents for Hewlett Packard and other brands. If we can't fix it, we will be able to send it to a number of specialised business partners who can.

After hours support

We offer technical support outside of normal business hours to selected customers. Contact us now if you are interested in this option.

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